Are you tired of managing every segment of your supply chain?

When it comes to the aerospace industry, companies have time sensitive needs that make or break the ability to meet contract manufacturing deliverables and go-to-market strategies.  Red Arrow Logistics’ reputation for on-time delivery makes us a valued partner to ensure that your manufacturing processes and operations are ready to meet the needs of the aerospace customers and partners without interruption.

“This is a highly competitive sector where the supply chain becomes a competitive differentiator.” - Liz Lasater, CEO, Red Arrow Logistics

We encourage you to contact us to find out how we may help you handle shipment and logistics for your projects – however large or small – throughout the world. Red Arrow has configurable options to best meet your immediate needs.  We understand the need for time sensitive handling, and the chain of custody, be it for ITAR treated products or custom-fabricated high value materials.


  • Just in time fulfillment to reduce inventory costs
  • Customized kitting and labeling to increase value to end customer
  • Order and replenishment services to help optimize the parts flow from manufacturing
  • Supplier scheduling and vendor management to reduce cycle time
  • Chain of custody and ITAR compliance
  • Door to door visibility for greater control and customer satisfaction

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CEO of Red Arrow

Customer in the Food & Beverage Industry

“There are no bounds to the type of transportation that can be offered. From white glove service, domestic deliveries, and freight forwarding service, they have proven themselves in every category.”

Customer in the Food & Beverage Industry