Life Sciences

When it comes to life sciences, companies have time sensitive needs that make or break the ability to treat a patient, run a hospital or fulfill clinical trial obligations

Competitive dynamics in the healthcare industry have changed significantly in the recent years. Rising healthcare costs, fierce competition, rationalization and regulatory changes have all added to fewer blockbuster drugs hitting the market.  Grey market product sales are damaging profits and reputations and the regulatory inconsistencies across the globe are negatively impacting economies of scale.  

How can Red Arrow help?

Red Arrow Logistics has a global platform and network to support both emerging markets and working bio-science clusters. Our life sciences customers include pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic equipment companies.  Red Arrow works with major pharmaceutical companies and startups, from traditional to direct channels, and offers a wide range of specialized services including temperature controlled, refrigerated, and frozen products across ground, air and sea modes of transport.  We offer both active and passive monitoring solutions and have dedicated cold storage space in key international airport gateways.  Our advanced GPS and temperature monitoring devices will give you peace of mind knowing our compliance team is monitoring your sensitive cargo 24 x 7.

“Red Arrow is committed to offering the highest quality, flexibility, and compliance in healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical device markets.” - Liz Lasater, CEO, Red Arrow Logistics

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CEO of Red Arrow

J. D'Agostino, President, JMD Building Products

“The importance of partnering with a logistics company that is managed with integrity, experienced, attentive to detail, and focused on customer satisfaction cannot be overstated. I say with no reservations that I highly recommend Red Arrow Logistics.”

J. D'Agostino, President, JMD Building Products