Cold Chain

Cold Chain

Complete Climate Controlled Services

Red Arrow offers ground, air and sea freight temperature controlled services.  

For the pharmaceutical industry we offer both active and passive monitoring solutions and have dedicated cold storage space in key international airport gateways.  Our advanced GPS and temperature monitoring devices will give you peace of mind knowing our compliance team is monitoring your sensitive cargo 24 x 7.

“Your goods are shipped globally in the best conditions with regard to temperature, security and safety.” - Liz Lasater, CEO, Red Arrow Logistics

One Company Connecting The World

Red Arrow Logistics is committed to offering the highest levels of quality, flexibility and compliance in temperature controlled channels. Red Arrow is your answer to your unique transportation needs for temperature sensitive and perishable cargo.

Thanks to our successful, long term partnerships with transportation companies worldwide, we provide top tier services that ensure critical temperatures are not compromised. From fresh fruits and vegetables to life saving pharmaceuticals, our perishable logistics services ensure your cargo arrives on time and in first-rate condition.

CEO of Red Arrow

J. D'Agostino, President, JMD Building Products

“In 2013, I won a multi-year award to supply a variety of building materials to an American military base in South Korea. Our first shipment ran into every customs and duty snag one could imagine. But Red Arrow handled the situation in a way that was seamless to me.”

J. D'Agostino, President, JMD Building Products

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