Project Cargo

Project Cargo

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Red Arrow specializes in managing difficult, out of gauge and heavy cargo shipments worldwide. Our staff of experienced professionals will work with you on the planning, site inspection and route guides to ensure the project plan and permits are compliant with regulatory requirements.

We manage the project life cycle: From planning and loading at remote site locations, to transportation and final mile delivery, Red Arrow supports the project and heavy haul market in material movement and job site management. We schedule heavy lift equipment to be delivered to the job site along with certified operators to load equipment on our trucks for delivery to the next job site.  Our team takes care of all of the planning and permitting so your team doesn’t have to worry about it.

“We will continue to offer the best customized freight service in the shipping industry. No shipment is too big or too complex.” - Liz Lasater, CEO, Red Arrow Logistics

Need a truck in an odd area for an irregular load?  We got it covered.

Red Arrow’s specialized freight division has the proficiency to haul some of the more dimensionally exclusive and extremely challenging freight. 

Project Cargo Services:

  • Multi-axle heavy haul equipment
  • Out of gauge and specialized services
  • Project planning and permits
  • Cargo insurance
  • Riggers and crane services
  • Engineered transport plans

CEO of Red Arrow

S. Kling, President, UAM

“Red Arrow Logistics is always very helpful, accommodating and extremely responsive with each project we bring to their team.”

S. Kling, President, UAM

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