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Becoming an Agent with Red Arrow Logistics

Become a 3PL Freight Agent with Red Arrow Logistics

As a 3PL Freight Agent with Red Arrow, our company’s cornerstone is service excellence and endorses a set of core values – honesty, integrity and respect for others. Red Arrow maintains a prestigious reputation among 3PL carriers and customers.

Red Arrow’s 3PL Freight Agents are independent contractors who own and operate as representatives of a broker. These freight agents handle assigned accounts and areas and operate locally. Partnering with the right freight broker will be one of the most important decisions you will make. Not only are the services and capabilities of that broker important, the size and scope of the “back office” functions that the freight broker provides is critical.

What does Red Arrow bring to the table?

  1. – Corporate sales and operations team to support our agents business growth
  2. – Freight management systems
  3. – Accounting department for credit analysis, customer billing, carrier payables and financial audits
  4. – Cargo claims and safety
  5. – Marketing material and branding
  6. – Carrier and contract management

Benefits – turn key business opportunity – back office services require a significant investment in people, equipment, licenses, bonds, technology and cash flow.

Red Arrow’s agent network has access to thousands of approved carriers who have been certified and passed a SafeStat background check. You will work with a financially secure business partner and a company with a strong brand name.

Saves you money and time focus on what you do best – working the front end of your business where the customers and revenue are.

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    Becoming an Agent

    What does it take to succeed with Red Arrow Logistics?  Drive and passion to own and operate your own business.

    1. – At least 3 years’ experience in sales and/or operations in any of the following areas:
      1. * Providing 3PL solutions to customers
      2. * Brokering over-the-road truck freight
      3. * Transporting intermodal freight door to door
      4. * Less-than-truckload expedited freight
    2. – Computer with high speed internet access
    3. – Familiarity with Microsoft office products
    4. – Phone and fax line
    5. – Passion for excellence

    If you are confident you have what it takes please complete the Agent prequalification form and we will contact you shortly.