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Mexico Border Congestion Has Supply Chains in a Chokehold

In the famous nursery rhyme, “for want of a nail, the kingdom was lost.” At the US-Mexico border, a similar story is playing out: for want of a mere 750 customs officers, supply chains are in crisis, in industries ranging …

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Is the Age of the Mega-Ship Coming to a Close?

After years of one-upmanship, ocean shipping’s appetite for bigger and bigger mega-ships may have finally reached its peak. At least, that’s the message from some of the world’s biggest carriers, though others continue to place orders for these giants of …

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Robots vs Longshoremen: The Battle for Port Automation

It’s easy to paint stories about port automation as black-and-white, heroes-and-villains struggles, although which side is the hero and which is the villain is largely in the eye of the beholder. Depending on your perspective, you might side with labor …

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Aviation Safety is Everybody’s Problem

In the wake of the Ethiopian Airlines crash that left 157 people dead, leaders around the world are questioning whether regulators are doing enough to prevent these tragedies. Aviation safety is a critical issue, not just for passengers’ peace of …

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Soaring Trade Deficit Points to Slowing Global Economy

In 2018, the United States’ trade deficit in goods climbed to an historic high of $891.3 billion, up from $807.5 billion in 2017. During this time, the merchandise deficits with China, Mexico, and the EU all hit record highs, …

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What Does Amazon Want?

Every time Amazon sets its sights on a new industry to disrupt, the response from that industry’s old guard is the same: it can’t happen to us. Everyone thinks theirs is the business that is too complex for Jeff Bezos …

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NEMF’s Bankruptcy is a Harsh Wake-Up Call for the LTL/FTL Market

When longtime LTL titan New England Motor Freight (NEMF)announced it was filing for bankruptcy in February, the news was greeted with shock, sadness, and plenty of blame. For its part, NEMF largely blamed its employees’ union for refusing to …

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How to Get A Handle on Your Supply Chain Data (Before it’s Too Late)

Every cybersecurity expert’s favorite axiom is that security is only as strong as its weakest link. This truth makes supply chains particularly vulnerable, since they frequently involve hundreds or thousands of contracts, stretching over multiple continents. Managing information flow across …

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A Supply Chain Perspective of the Trump Presidency

After years of non-stop headlines, it’s possible that the only person on Earth who isn’t tired of hearing about Donald Trump is Donald Trump. Nevertheless, President’s Day at the (probable) midpoint of Trump’s first term is a good time to …

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U.S. Supply Chains Survived the Shutdown, but the Damage is Done

As of this writing, the United States is still in the midst of the longest government shutdown in national history (Update: on January 25th the shutdown was put on hold for three weeks pending congressional approval of funding for a …

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