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Thinking of Moving Operations to India? Here’s What You Need to Know.

As relations between the U.S. and China remain in turmoil, and China shifts the focus of its economy away from low-value manufacturing, supply chain managers are increasingly scouting for new countries in which to do business, and many are particularly

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The Low-Sulfur Rule Could Turn Maritime Shipping Upside-Down

When discussing the impending low-sulfur fuel (LSF) rule for maritime shipping, it’s tempting to borrow the imagery of disasters. For example, picture the coming regulation as an iceberg, and carriers as the ocean liners waiting until the last possible minute

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Understanding the USMCA: More than a NAFTA Name Change?

In the weeks since the U.S., Canada, and Mexico signed the USMCA trade deal, analysts around the world have begun to unpack how this new arrangement differs from NAFTA, and what it may portend for future negotiations with the U.S.. …

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China-Europe Rail: It Beats a Slow Boat

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is one of the most ambitious undertakings in modern history, and of all its myriad projects, the construction of new rail lines to connect China with Europe are among the most visible. Like much of …

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Why China’s Belt and Road Initiative Isn’t Black and White

In 2013, when China announced the Belt and Road Initiative, a massive program of international infrastructure projects, Western critics reacted with suspicion as to China’s motives and skepticism that Beijing could realize its dreams of connecting its mainland to far-flung …

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Insulting NAFTA Allies is Bad Politics and Bad Business

Navigating conflict in any relationship–whether it’s between people, companies, or nations–is largely a matter of weighing your desire to win the current battle against your desire to protect the relationship as a whole. Resorting to bullying might help you come …

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High Import Demand Collides with Tight Capacity

Flying in the face of the Trump Administration’s isolationist trade policies, US imports are soaring, buoyed by strong consumer spending. Global Port Tracker projects that this summer, containerized imports will surpass last year’s records, topping 1.83 million TEU each month. …

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How Government Subsidies Undermine Shipping

On April 26, the CEO of Maersk Shipping, Sǿren Skou, delivered a stinging indictment of government shipping subsidies, which he criticized as anticompetitive, and which threaten to stifle the carrier industry’s burgeoning recovery. Speaking at a Singapore shipping conference, Skou …

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Looming Chinese Tariffs Rattle Global Supply Chains

In the weeks since the US and China released their dueling lists of tariffs, the world has gotten a glimpse of just how delicate and complex our supply chains have become. The US had already imposed steep tariffs on imported …

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GRI’s Survival Guide, How to plan and forecast in today’s market.

Recently, ocean carriers said the three letters most likely to ruin shippers’ day: GRI. A GRI (General Rate Increase) is an ocean carrier’s announcement that it will be increasing its container rates in a specific shipping lane, in amounts that …

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