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The Low-Sulfur Rule Could Turn Maritime Shipping Upside-Down

When discussing the impending low-sulfur fuel (LSF) rule for maritime shipping, it’s tempting to borrow the imagery of disasters. For example, picture the coming regulation as an iceberg, and carriers as the ocean liners waiting until the last possible minute

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High Import Demand Collides with Tight Capacity

Flying in the face of the Trump Administration’s isolationist trade policies, US imports are soaring, buoyed by strong consumer spending. Global Port Tracker projects that this summer, containerized imports will surpass last year’s records, topping 1.83 million TEU each month. …

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Designing a Supplier Scorecard that Works

Perhaps the most frequently repeated truism in logistics and supply chain management is that it’s all about relationships, and the supplier scorecard may be the best way to judge the health of those relationships. Designing a scorecard that accurately reflects …

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The Case for Supplier Diversity: Stronger Businesses, Stronger Connections

In 2018, American business leaders are grappling with several profound shifts in the economic and social landscape: sweeping demographic changes, uneasy international relations that threaten supply chains, the stunning rise of ecommerce, and a serious national discussion on the role …

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How Government Subsidies Undermine Shipping

On April 26, the CEO of Maersk Shipping, Sǿren Skou, delivered a stinging indictment of government shipping subsidies, which he criticized as anticompetitive, and which threaten to stifle the carrier industry’s burgeoning recovery. Speaking at a Singapore shipping conference, Skou …

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GRI’s Survival Guide, How to plan and forecast in today’s market.

Recently, ocean carriers said the three letters most likely to ruin shippers’ day: GRI. A GRI (General Rate Increase) is an ocean carrier’s announcement that it will be increasing its container rates in a specific shipping lane, in amounts that …

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Exporters Survival Guide to Trade War

It’s a volatile time for US-China relations, and the effects of the brewing trade war are being felt around the world. Seemingly every week, a new volley of tariffs is announced by the Chinese government or the Trump administration, creating …

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Capacity, Congestion at Ports Drive Shipping Costs Up Everywhere

In recent months, anyone whose business takes them through US ports has faced an increasingly chaotic and expensive environment. Despite a robust economy and higher-than-expected export volumes, shippers are facing thinner profit margins as they run into a trucking bottleneck. …

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How Fragile Supply Chains Caused KFC’s Chicken Shortage

This February, KFC experienced its worst nightmare: being a chicken restaurant with no chicken. Hundreds of KFC restaurants in the UK were forced to close for up to a week following a catastrophic breakdown of operations that saw frustrated customers …

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Transatlantic Reliability is Plummeting. Here’s Why.

In recent months, shippers and freight forwarders have noticed a precipitous drop in the reliability of transatlantic carrier schedules. According to JOC, in 2017, reliability on westbound transatlantic routes fell 10.5 percent to 67.4 percent, while eastbound routes fell …

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