Benefits of Being an Independent Freight Agent at Red Arrow Logistics
Benefits of Being an Independent Freight Agent at Red Arrow Logistics

An independent freight agent plays an important role in the movement of freight for customers.  It is an appealing job for many reasons.  Red Arrow Logistics 3PL Freight agents are independent contractors who own and operate as representatives of a broker. 

Why Choose Red Arrow Logistics?

There are many logistics companies in the market, but Red Arrow Logistics offers our employees the best opportunities, which is why independent agents are especially attracted to working with us.  We are a well-established business with a great reputation both as a provider and as a partner.  The following list is a few of the benefits you will find at Red Arrow. 

– Unlimited Earning Potential

Some agencies cap the amount that their agents can make by limiting their hours.  Red Arrow lets its agents have unlimited earning potential based on a commission schedule.  If you are a motivated agent, this is the place for you because your income is based on what you produce.  Since we focus on value and cost mitigation we are able to offer competitive pricing in the industry, which gives you the best chance to be successful. 

– Wide Variety of Opportunities

Red Arrow provides expertise in complex, high-value supply chains.  We work in a multitude of industries including aerospace, automotive, federal defense, medical device manufacturing, and public works.   And, we handle services in fulfillment logistics, international and domestic transportation, and the white glove final mile.  As a freight agent you will be assigned an account and an area to work in locally.  Our agents have access to thousands of approved carriers who have been certified and passed a Safe Stat background check.  The opportunities to get and book new business are endless because you are partnering with a secure company. 

– Technological Capabilities

Red Arrow offers customized transportation and logistics solutions with the best technological advances.  Take advantage of the technology to optimize your loads.  Our up-to-date freight management systems allow agents to access load boards from anywhere.  Real-time tracking through our technology portal which includes geo-fencing and alert monitoring provides your customers with the best customer service in the business.

– Back Office Capabilities

Not only is our technological capabilities among the best, but we also offer concierge-level service to every customer we work with.  Our customer support team will be there to answer all questions and help should any issues arise.  And, our accurate invoicing system offers convenient payment options that customers will appreciate.  The department is also available for credit analysis, carrier payables, and financial audits.  Support for our independent agents is found at every level of the company, enabling you to concentrate on booking business, not being consumed with time-eating tasks. 

– True Independence

True independence is one of the most attractive benefits from agents.  Working from home allows every independent freight agent to create their own schedule.  Need a day off for a special event?  Not a problem.  Your schedule is flexible as you are being compensated for how much you earn for the company, not when you work.   It is up to you to maximize your earnings potential, without being micromanaged.  As an independent agent, you are running your own business within our business, which enhances your ability to be productive. 

– Low Overhead

The amount required to run your business as an agent is low, especially in comparison to some other businesses.  Expenses are kept to a minimum, so your commission remains your income.  Since the back-office services are taken care of, there is no need for investment in staff, equipment, licenses, bonds, or technology

Your Trusted Partner

At Red Arrow Logistics, we provide expertise and white glove customer service with fast-growing, complex, and high-value supply chains. As the next-generation model of logistics companies, we offer tailored transportation and logistics solutions — from single shipments to complex over-dimensional and international orders.

Red Arrow offers the scale and scope of services including air, ocean, and ground transportation to meet the budget and schedule requirements of the largest and smallest companies alike. If we can be of assistance, please email us at or give us a call at 425-747-7914.