Marine Construction and Dredging Equipment Transport

Smooth Sailing For Marine Construction Leader

Whether by road, rail, water, or air, the public works sector keeps America moving, especially on this marine construction and dredging equipment transport project by Red Arrow. Large scale projects require specialized construction equipment and over-dimensional tools to get the job done.

When one of the nation’s leading heavy civil marine construction and dredging companies needed help transporting a crucial piece of equipment around the country, they called on the experts at Red Arrow Logistics.

Marine Construction and Dredging Equipment Transport | Red Arrow LogisticsProper Permitting for Over-Dimensional Cargo

However, moving over-dimensional cargo will hit roadblocks unless proper permitting is in place. States and many municipalities restrict oversized vehicles on bridges and narrow roads, and some require pilot cars and police escorts.

Red Arrow carefully planned every leg of each trip and contacted state agencies along the route to secure the required permits and approved for this marine construction and dredging equipment transport. Once underway, they monitored each trip’s progress and stood ready to handle any last-minute changes.

White-Glove Project Management

Red Arrow’s meticulous project management paid off. After navigating the nation’s highways for almost two weeks, each dredging boat was safely delivered, ready to begin teach new project on time in both Virginia and Louisiana.

Value Delivered

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