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Why Construction Projects Need Logistics Help

When it comes to big construction projects (be it a new bridge or Amazon’s new headquarters), transportation issues are one of the major ways budgets skyrocket, frustrations mount, and deadlines sail by. The problem begins with legions of subcontractors, who hire their own subcontractors ad infinitum, leading to chaos and cluttered work sites. Everyone has their markup, and transparency, accountability, and communication quickly fall by the wayside. It doesn’t have to be this way. Contracting with a logistics partner to handle transportation for specialized material and equipment is one of the best ways for project managers to avoid hidden costs and unnecessary headaches.

Let’s say you need a crane delivered to your worksite (or steel beams, wind turbines, or any other oversized or irregular load). Unfortunately, the sub-sub-contractor hired to move your crane doesn’t have the experience or expertise to safely load or unload it, risking damage or injury. They also might not know that each state has different laws governing the movement of over dimensional loads: many prohibit them from being on the roads at night, weekends or during daylight hours.  If this subcontractor (who you yourself have never directly spoken to) gets pulled over for being in violation of these laws, your building materials are going to be late, and you either have to pay a premium for a replacement or push your entire schedule back until you sort out the problem. The costs for these kinds of errors can balloon terrifyingly fast.

Alternatively, by partnering with a logistics firm to handle your transport needs, you have a single point of contact, who you know is a specialist with trusted and qualified carriers, labor, equipment leasing and operators. With both experience and transparency on your side, you can be sure you’re working with a team committed to your project, who can’t hide behind multiple layers of bureaucracy or padded quotes.

A new wave of governmental infrastructure projects is on the horizon, and they’re certain to be the kind of ambitious undertakings that demand huge amounts of specialized equipment, and reward contractors who can offer affordability and transparency. Red Arrow Logistics has the expertise to deliver the most cumbersome loads to the most remote locations, specializing in:

  • Multi-axle heavy haul equipment
  • Out of gauge and specialized services
  • Project planning and permits
  • Cargo insurance
  • Riggers and crane services


All contractors know that when it comes to big construction projects, some headaches are unavoidable, but transportation doesn’t have to be one. By partnering with a specialized project logistics firm, you can make sure you have the equipment you need, when you need it, at a lower cost.

As a woman-owned company, Red Arrow also allows contractors to take advantage of the Disadvantaged Enterprise Program (DBE). Contracting directly with Red Arrow means contractors can include freight in their DBE set-aside.