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Real World Experience – Supply Chain Consulting

Red Arrow works with clients in a number of different market sectors to evaluate, develop and implement comprehensive business solutions for supply chain consulting.

Our real-world experience provides us with the capability to devise services and systems which are practical and future-oriented.

The keys to effective supply chain development lie in:

  • Leveraging multiple supply chain capabilities upstream and downstream,
    internal and third-party
  • Creating a demanding vision for the future and sequencing a series of interim,
    attainable steps to reach it
  • Knowing the baseline metrics to determine supply chain performance
  • Making operational improvements early and often while developing the
    technology foundation for better transaction processing, communications
    and decision support

Whether your needs cover the entire supply chain or simply one of its pieces, we can help you reach the right decision, with the right provider, for the right reason.

Core competencies include:

  • Warehouse Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Supply Chain Strategy

Warehouse Management
There are many WMS providers in the marketplace today. Their capabilities and product
offerings change frequently, along with the definition of “best-in-class.” Our experience and commitment to this market means that we know who the players are, the differentiating
features of their products, capacities, capabilities and suitability of goods and services to specific industries.

Selecting the right software option to meet your needs can be mission critical. You can be confident that Red Arrow’s team of professionals are involved with organizations that are capable, reliable, and experienced in your domain.

Operations Analysis

  • Perform “build vs. buy”
  • Negotiate third-party warehouse pricing
  • Develop Request for Proposal (RFP), evaluate responses and recommend best solutions
  • Establish inbound/outbound material handling procedures
  • Create metrics to optimize inventory accuracy
  • Develop incentive pay program for performance goals
  • Create performance measures that support “dock to stock” or “dock to line” receiving

Transportation Management

Transportation is an essential component of the cost and service of logistics for inbound
shipments from vendors and outbound shipments to customers. We work with you to review the costs of transportation and to identify alternatives to reduce costs and improve service.  Analysis can be for imports, exports or domestic shipments.


  • Network assessment and optimization modeling
  • Carrier portfolio strategy
  • Contract negotiation
  • Freight audit

Supply Chain Strategy
Red Arrow helps you to define long-term business objectives while developing the supply chain infrastructure to support your goals. 

Supply Chain Diagnostics

  • Establish supply chain operations processes internal and outsourced
  • Develop metrics to monitor performance
  • Analyze each part of the total supply chain process from the sourcing of products through the distribution channels to the end consumer
  • Create and implement programs that drive cost savings through cycle time reduction
  • Requirements gathering to deliver comprehensive Request for Proposals (RFP)
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