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The Year Behind Us, The Year Ahead for Logistics

By practically any metric, 2018 was a roller-coaster of a year for anyone in the world of logistics or supply chain management. The economy boomed, but the rumblings of nationalism and isolationism threatened to bring the expansion to a screeching …

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Is Your Business Ready for Generation Z?

It seems like just yesterday Millennials were the new generation disrupting old paradigms and forcing businesses to adapt to their preferences. But these days, there’s a fresh crop of young people joining the workforce and the marketplace: Generation Z. Gen …

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Designing a Supplier Scorecard that Works

Perhaps the most frequently repeated truism in logistics and supply chain management is that it’s all about relationships, and the supplier scorecard may be the best way to judge the health of those relationships. Designing a scorecard that accurately reflects …

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Looming Chinese Tariffs Rattle Global Supply Chains

In the weeks since the US and China released their dueling lists of tariffs, the world has gotten a glimpse of just how delicate and complex our supply chains have become. The US had already imposed steep tariffs on imported …

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A Shipper’s Guide to the Post-ELD World

Few transportation topics have ever been as hotly debated as the federal ELD mandate, with shippers, truckers, and logistics professionals divided as to whether the law would represent a minor adjustment to the shipping landscape, or a full-blown catastrophe. After …

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GRI’s Survival Guide, How to plan and forecast in today’s market.

Recently, ocean carriers said the three letters most likely to ruin shippers’ day: GRI. A GRI (General Rate Increase) is an ocean carrier’s announcement that it will be increasing its container rates in a specific shipping lane, in amounts that …

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Exporters Survival Guide to Trade War

It’s a volatile time for US-China relations, and the effects of the brewing trade war are being felt around the world. Seemingly every week, a new volley of tariffs is announced by the Chinese government or the Trump administration, creating …

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Capacity, Congestion at Ports Drive Shipping Costs Up Everywhere

In recent months, anyone whose business takes them through US ports has faced an increasingly chaotic and expensive environment. Despite a robust economy and higher-than-expected export volumes, shippers are facing thinner profit margins as they run into a trucking bottleneck. …

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How Fragile Supply Chains Caused KFC’s Chicken Shortage

This February, KFC experienced its worst nightmare: being a chicken restaurant with no chicken. Hundreds of KFC restaurants in the UK were forced to close for up to a week following a catastrophic breakdown of operations that saw frustrated customers …

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‘Tis The Season for Cargo Theft

The holiday shopping season is rapidly approaching, ushering in the busiest time of year for shippers, carriers, and the cargo thieves who prey on them. While estimates for the total cost of cargo theft vary wildly, the FBI calls it

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