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Insulting NAFTA Allies is Bad Politics and Bad Business

Navigating conflict in any relationship–whether it’s between people, companies, or nations–is largely a matter of weighing your desire to win the current battle against your desire to protect the relationship as a whole. Resorting to bullying might help you come …

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The U.S. Trucker Shortage is Causing Prices to Rise in Every Sector

Joyce Brenny, chief executive of Brenny Transportation in Minnesota, gave her truck drivers a 15 percent raise this year, but she still can’t find enough workers for a job that now pays $80,000 a year.

A year ago, when customers …

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High Import Demand Collides with Tight Capacity

Flying in the face of the Trump Administration’s isolationist trade policies, US imports are soaring, buoyed by strong consumer spending. Global Port Tracker projects that this summer, containerized imports will surpass last year’s records, topping 1.83 million TEU each month. …

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The Promise and Peril of AI in Logistics

In April 2018, IBM and DHL released a joint report proclaiming that the time is ripe for logistics and supply chain management to embrace artificial intelligence (AI). “Furthermore,” the paper warns, “companies deciding not to adopt AI run the risk …

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Designing a Supplier Scorecard that Works

Perhaps the most frequently repeated truism in logistics and supply chain management is that it’s all about relationships, and the supplier scorecard may be the best way to judge the health of those relationships. Designing a scorecard that accurately reflects …

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The Case for Supplier Diversity: Stronger Businesses, Stronger Connections

In 2018, American business leaders are grappling with several profound shifts in the economic and social landscape: sweeping demographic changes, uneasy international relations that threaten supply chains, the stunning rise of ecommerce, and a serious national discussion on the role …

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Can Trucking Meet Capacity Challenges in Time?

The long-awaited capacity crunch is here, with the national load-to-truck ratio hovering well above normal levels for this time of year, and shippers grudgingly accepting higher rates.


Courtesy DAT


Fortunately, the trucking industry is racing to add capacity, …

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How Government Subsidies Undermine Shipping

On April 26, the CEO of Maersk Shipping, Sǿren Skou, delivered a stinging indictment of government shipping subsidies, which he criticized as anticompetitive, and which threaten to stifle the carrier industry’s burgeoning recovery. Speaking at a Singapore shipping conference, Skou …

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Looming Chinese Tariffs Rattle Global Supply Chains

In the weeks since the US and China released their dueling lists of tariffs, the world has gotten a glimpse of just how delicate and complex our supply chains have become. The US had already imposed steep tariffs on imported …

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A Shipper’s Guide to the Post-ELD World

Few transportation topics have ever been as hotly debated as the federal ELD mandate, with shippers, truckers, and logistics professionals divided as to whether the law would represent a minor adjustment to the shipping landscape, or a full-blown catastrophe. After …

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