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China’s Belt and Road Initiative is one of the most ambitious undertakings in modern history, and of all its myriad projects, the construction of new rail lines to connect China with Europe are among the most visible. Like much of the Belt and Road, the impact of China-Europe rail is fiercely debated, with some observers […]
In today’s polarized America, it’s difficult to have a productive conversation about environmentally sustainable trucking. When people hear the word “green,” they retreat to their corners, disregarding any information that conflicts with their established position. This state of affairs is unfortunate but understandable. Truckers often feel misunderstood and overregulated, and see environmental demands as yet […]
In June 2018, Volvo and FedEx executives held a joint press conference on the shoulder of North Carolina’s Triangle Expressway. They announced that the road had been federally designated as a “proving ground” for truck platooning. They offered a demonstration of a three-truck convoy and touted the technology’s safety and environmental advantages. The executives could […]
According to the most famous formulation of chaos theory, a butterfly flapping its wings in China can cause a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. Whether or not you believe that, it is indisputably true that an actual hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico will undoubtedly cause ripples in supply chains throughout North America. So […]
Flying in the face of the Trump Administration’s isolationist trade policies, US imports are soaring, buoyed by strong consumer spending. Global Port Tracker projects that this summer, containerized imports will surpass last year’s records, topping 1.83 million TEU each month. That’s great news for retailers, but the brisk rate of trade threatens to run headlong […]
In April 2018, IBM and DHL released a joint report proclaiming that the time is ripe for logistics and supply chain management to embrace artificial intelligence (AI). “Furthermore,” the paper warns, “companies deciding not to adopt AI run the risk of obsolescence in the long term, as competitors seize and effectively use AI in their […]
Perhaps the most frequently repeated truism in logistics and supply chain management is that it’s all about relationships, and the supplier scorecard may be the best way to judge the health of those relationships. Designing a scorecard that accurately reflects your business’ needs and priorities is the most effective way to clarify your own expectations, […]
In 2018, American business leaders are grappling with several profound shifts in the economic and social landscape: sweeping demographic changes, uneasy international relations that threaten supply chains, the stunning rise of ecommerce, and a serious national discussion on the role of business in fostering social good. Taken together, these issues can seem overwhelming, but the […]