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The long-awaited capacity crunch is here, with the national load-to-truck ratio hovering well above normal levels for this time of year, and shippers grudgingly accepting higher rates.   Courtesy DAT   Fortunately, the trucking industry is racing to add capacity, both by purchasing new equipment and hiring new drivers. Orders for new trailers skyrocketed by 36 […]
On April 26, the CEO of Maersk Shipping, Sǿren Skou, delivered a stinging indictment of government shipping subsidies, which he criticized as anticompetitive, and which threaten to stifle the carrier industry’s burgeoning recovery. Speaking at a Singapore shipping conference, Skou accused the subsidies of encouraging companies to build ships which are “not needed, for companies […]
Few transportation topics have ever been as hotly debated as the federal ELD mandate, with shippers, truckers, and logistics professionals divided as to whether the law would represent a minor adjustment to the shipping landscape, or a full-blown catastrophe. After a four-month grace period, ELD enforcement began in earnest on April 1, and the industry […]
In recent months, anyone whose business takes them through US ports has faced an increasingly chaotic and expensive environment. Despite a robust economy and higher-than-expected export volumes, shippers are facing thinner profit margins as they run into a trucking bottleneck. Drayage rates are skyrocketing, fueled by a driver shortage and the demands of the ELD […]
In recent months, shippers and freight forwarders have noticed a precipitous drop in the reliability of transatlantic carrier schedules. According to JOC, in 2017, reliability on westbound transatlantic routes fell 10.5 percent to 67.4 percent, while eastbound routes fell 10.6 percent, to land at 70.2 percent reliability. The first few months of 2018 have been […]
The United States is in the middle of a reckoning about workplace sexual harassment and assault, and from Hollywood to Washington D.C., women in trucking are speaking up about the experiences that traumatized them and the working conditions that stunted their careers. This national conversation is as painful as it is overdue, but there are […]
Across the country, union pension funds are going bankrupt, leaving thousands of retiring truckers wondering what is to become of their hard-earned benefits. The Pension Rights Center reports that roughly one million Americans are covered by funds on the verge of insolvency, and unions in Cleveland, Illinois, and New York have already been forced to […]